Sam and Kris Dry Ice Experiments

Sam and Kris made a little movie for their science project.

For the first part, they have made a dry ice bubble in a bowl. The dry ice, or frozen carbon dioxide (C02), is denser than the air we breathe so the bubble eventually plops down.

For the second part, they have a simple dry ice bomb. They just put dry ice and water into the bottle and threw it into the yard, and a shard of the bottle actually hit the window on the second floor!

For the third part, they constructed a cannon, firing a tennis ball over about 200 ft. With just the bomb from the second part and a tennis ball.

Music: "Chop Suey" By System of a Down.

Dry Ice Experiments
by Sam and Kris

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I definitely want to try dry ice experiments. Nice video!

Anonymous Gonila said...

I love this song hahahah Chop Suey

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Nice music system of a down rocks!

Anonymous Jinny said...

The bubble part was the best. The tennis ball cannon part was cool too.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

OMG! The first one reminds me of a mushroom cloud!!

Anonymous Sara said...

Hi! I'm gonna do this experiment but i need more imformation about it!


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