How To Remove Dents With Dry Ice

1. Apply dry ice to the center of the dent.
2. Metal contracts & pops out dent.
3. Apply dry ice to the center of the dent (a few times).
5 min later
4. Clean surface.
5. Dent is not noticeable!
5a. Oh yea and tip - WHERE GLOVES!!!

Fixing a Dent With Dry Ice

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Anonymous abbis said...

Does this work on fiberglass?
Does this work with bigger dents?

Anonymous Seanyglass said...

Wow, I tried it to my car and it worked!

Anonymous potz555 said...

Looks cool but where can i buy dry ice from? I'm skeptical.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Normally you can get it at a local grocery store.

Anonymous oyemutafucka said...

I spent hours doing this today all over my Ford. Took some dents completely out and took some of the bad ones down a size or two. Worked great! Definitely worth doing.

Anonymous Kevyn Hagemann said...

Haha, well, maybe 5a should be before number one -- dry ice on your bare hands hurt. Still, it's pretty nifty method to cure your car from dents. And if the dents are really big, you could try and see if the car gets fixed first with this. Keeping your car in good condition and dent-free is the best way to make your car last long.


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