A Major Headache - Fun With Dry Ice

Biggest soap bubble I have ever seen in my live!

Put water and dry ice into a cup. Cool enough already. Get a paper towel wet and put soap on it. Cover the cup with the paper towel and press the edges to form a seal. Then slowy pull the towel off to form a film on top of the cup. The reaction of the dry ice and water will cause the film to expand into a bubble, and eventually pop, just like here.

The video is played twice as fast from when the bubble starts until it is popped - it took over to minutes to pop itself. The rupture is played in slow motion. Enjoy!

Nice job synching the video and sweet music (I Am Trying - By Nevarakka). The face on the cup made it better too.

P.S. Anyone else notice the smoke ring after it popped?

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I have never seen such a large bubble made ​​with a conventional cup of tea and dry ice!


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